Affordable Preventive Pet Care Free Office Visit | No Qualifying | Every Income Level Welcome
16322 Middlebelt Rd. Livonia, MI 48154

Wellness Center

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Pet Food Assistance
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Wellness Center & Pet Food Assistance
Affordable Preventive Pet Care Free Office Visit | No Qualifying | Every Income Level Welcome
16322 Middlebelt Rd. Livonia, MI 48154
Wellness Center & Pet Food Assistance
Call (734) 855-4077

Who We Are

Tail Waggers 1990 is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that is based out of Livonia, Michigan. For over 30 years, the Tail Waggers’ name has been recognized in the community for offering assistance to animals in need. Realizing the demand for affordable services and pet food assistance, the Wellness Center became a reality in 2011 and continues to be a welcoming place for pet owners and their four-legged friends today.

Tail Waggers offers affordable preventative pet care for every pet owner by appointment. Without paying an office or exam fee in our Wellness Center, our vaccinations, heartworm testing and preventative, flea control, nail trims, and even consultations are affordable!

The Pantry 4 Paws Pet Food Assistance program offers temporary assistance to those pet owners that have fallen on a challenging time – no animal should go to sleep hungry at night! Our program is confidential and the requirements are simple and easy to follow. Schools, churches, scouts, local retailers and pet owners have all donated to the Pantry 4 Paws Pet Food Assistance program so that hundreds of animals per year are kept fed with a healthy, consistent diet.

Wellness Center

​Tail Waggers also prides themselves on providing food to other rescue organizations – all over the State of Michigan – so that they, too, can feed animals that are in need!

When it comes to critical care and emergency situations, Tail Waggers can steer pet owners in the right direction. We are owner advocates and want to help pet owners make the right decision in a stressful time. We can refer you to veterinarians and help you understand exactly what may be happening with the health of your pet. We are only a phone call away!

Meet Out Team

Laura Kuchinski

Founder / President

Being an animal lover for as long as she can remember, and making news headlines at the age of 10 for leading a flock of geese and their babies back to water down a main road, Laura was always the one that people would call to help with animals – lost, injured or even to pet sit.

Doing volunteer rescue/cruelty work in Detroit for over 15 years, Laura learned alot about “street” animals, their owners and shelter animals. Learning to handle animals, both tame and aggressive, communicating with pet owners, properly restraining, rescuing and cruelty investigations were just some of the reasons that interested her to keep volunteering. Learning about the veterinarian care that was needed,and seeing how shelters functioned was what fascinated her into wanting to do more – to make things better for pet owners.

Realizing that the common denominator for animals living on the streets or in homes where money was tight, was all the same, Laura began conducting a fundraiser to raise money for vaccines and pet food. It was important to her to have animals stay with their owners when times were tough, versus being put into shelters where she saw the euthanasia rates sky-rocket.

Laura’s career working in Advertising, Radio, and the Detroit Tigers along with holding positions as a Development Director and Marketing and Communications Manager gave her the skillset to create a non-profit organization. She left Corporate America in 2011 to begin this journey and has not looked back.

With grant funding and community support, Laura moved the pet food assistance out of her garage and into the first store front in 2011. Within a year, the Wellness Center for Affordable Preventative Pet Care opened – offering vaccination services to anyone, regardless of income level, without needing to “qualify”. The goal is to open a second Wellness Center in 2021 along with bringing back spay/neuter services.

A lifelong resident of the City of Livonia, Laura is a single mom of three adult boys and shares her home with 3 cats and 2 dogs.


Meet Our Team of Technicians

Nadia Pike

Nadia Pike
Clinic Director
Nadia is our Wellness Clinic Director.

Nadia has been working in the field of veterinary medicine for a total of three years but 18 months of that time have been spent in an emergency clinic which has given her a tremendous amount of experience.

In her spare time, Nadia tends to a lot of stray cat colonies along with being an advocate for the TNR – Trap, Neuter, Release – programs in various communities. Nadia also oversees the cat adoption program at Tail Waggers and has helped many adoptable cats and kittens find their forever homes!

Nadia shares her home with dogs Sam and Jack along with her cats Murray, Echo and Creed.


Kelly Robertson
Senior Technician
Kelly Robertson is our Senior Technician and brings over 15 years of experience to the Organization as a Technician. Starting her career as an Assistant in a private practice then moving into shelter medicine with the Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society, Kelly has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to dogs and cats of any breed/size and how to handle them in various situations. Also taking an interest in wildlife, Kelly is a rehab specialist and is known for her expertise and skill with the rehab of baby Starlings – feeding them by hand – then releasing them back to their natural habitat.

Kelly shares her home with her Belgin Malinois, Kylo and her 3 cats.

Sabring Davis

Sabrina Davis
Outreach Coordinator/Technician

Sabrina is Lead Vet Assistant in our Wellness Center along with being the Outreach Coordinator. Sabrina has been with Tail Waggers for the past four years and has brought extensive experience working with animals – especially dogs and puppies – to the Organization. Having her own “rescue” for many years, Sabrina became known for her care of bottle feeding puppies and, when of age, brought them to Tail Waggers for their vaccinations.

Sabrina is married and shares her home with her wife and their teenaged son along with 4 dogs and a cat.


Brande Towalski

Brande has been in the field of veterinary medicine for a total of 4 years and added a year-and-a-half of emergency medicine to her credentials.

Brande has a Bachelors of Science degree and is excited to enter into the veterinarian program at Michigan State University in early 2023!

Brande shares her home with new puppy, Ozzy and her two cockatiels.

Noa Kuszai
Vet Assistant

Meet Our Administrative Team

Lauren Mullen

Lauren Mullen

Lauren joined Tail Wagger’s as a volunteer in 2013, and became a dedicated staff member thereafter, and what she considers a labor of love.
In her time spent with the organization, Lauren has organically grown into her role performing reception and administrative tasks, although on any given day, you never know!
Lauren appreciates working closely with a team who is excited to learn from one another, and whose ultimate goal is the health and happiness of animals. Personally, the opportunity to help people and their pets is heart-warming and brings purpose. Lauren and her husband, Arthur, share their home with their four adored cats – Robin, Olive, Bat, and Murray.


Susan Krajenke
Susan Krajenke became part of Tail Waggers in 2011 when the Livonia store front first opened it’s doors. Volunteering for over 3 years before becoming a staff member, Susan met the Founder at a vaccination clinic when her six Chihuahua’s were all tangled up and the two of them sat on the floor trying to figure out their leashes – laughing the entire time! Susan and her passion for animals is the perfect fit for the Organization! It is her smiling face, friendly demeanor, compassion for every client and willingness to go the extra mile that makes her special. Heading up the front desk is a responsibility she takes seriously. Not a day goes by that she doesn’t tell someone how much she loves her job!

Susan and her family of Chihuahuas live in Dearborn – but her pups can normally can be found at the office with her every day.


Sandy Dalton

Sandy Dalton has been associated with Tail Waggers since 1995 when she came in to volunteer as a weekend receptionist making reminder calls and answering the phones. After four years of volunteering on weekends, fundraising events and community clinics, Sandy wanted to get even more involved and became the Assistant Bookkeeper on a part-time basis. Bringing experience to our Accounting Department, and learning the protocols as the Assistant, when the position opened for a full-time Bookkeeper, it was only natural that Sandy was promoted into that position.

Sandy feels that no day is the same and there is always something new to learn or happening in the Tail Waggers’ Office and Wellness Center. The loving you get from the office cats along with the “cuties” that come thru the door every day is what Sandy feels is “just the medicine when you’re feeling out of sorts”. Sandy is originally from Toronto, Ontario and currently lives in Plymouth with her one dog, Missy.

Sally Zabawa

Christine Kuszai

Meet Our Team of Volunteers

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