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Geralt for Adoption

Meet Geralt

House Trained • Crate Trained

Hi, my name is Geralt (alias the White Wolf), which some of you may recognize from “The Witcher”. I am approximately a year old and I am looking for a temporary home as I work on finding a permanent home. I am a pretty decent house guest. I am house trained and I am not a barker. I am pretty chill during the day, but then I get the bug to play in the late afternoon. I love playing with my ball out in the yard. Well, actually, I like it when you throw the ball and then try to catch me to get it back. I am really good at that game.

I am also crate trained, which you will have to use for a while since sometimes my teenage brain takes over and I forget that your shoes are not my chew toy. I am a love-bug and really enjoy having my belly rubbed. I would love to snuggle with you at night, but I am ok in my crate too.

I need a little patience with walking. It is a big scary place out there in the front yard and I need to get used to all the sights and sounds out there. Love my safe backyard, but will need some time to get used to the front yard and beyond.

I had so much fun playing with a small playful Pug who came over, but bigger dogs scare me so I don’t like to get too close to them.

If you have some space for me to crash for a little I am looking for a Foster home, or if you have a more permanent space for me, please fill out an application so we can meet.